Birds I keep & breed


Male Whiteface Cockatiel

Cockatiels were the first birds I kept. I keep several pairs of cockatiels & produce lots of beautiful hand reared babies throughout a lot of the year.

Senegal Parrots

Senegal Parrots

I am hoping to breed Senegal parrots in a year or so when my females reach maturity. They will make great hand reared pets.

Green cheeked conures

Kiwi & Kola

I recently acquired 2 hand reared green cheeked conures from a friend. They are called Kiwi & Kola. I had them DNA sexed, they are both female. I am hoping to find partners for them both and breed them next year. 

Kiwi        &       kola 

Meyers Parrots

Meyers Parrots

I recently purchased a pair of Meyers Parrots while on a trip to the Zwolle bird market. They are around 7-8 years old & are a breeding pair. Hopefully they will have young in 2019.

Green Cheeked conures

Breeding pair of Green Cheek Conures

I purchased a pair of green cheeked conures in early 2019, 1 is yellow sided & 1 is cinnamon. They have produced 3 chicks for me so far.